A farse? Yes, sir, we have generals, presidents, spanish señoritas, spies, handsome young lieutenants, guns, trafficking, submarines and video conferences. You think this could be an operetta? Indeed, it could. But it’s a farse. Melancholic.

Jorge Silva Melo

The Text is published in the Livrinhos de Teatro nr. 110 collection (Artistas Unidos/Cotovia).

Cast & Creative

Text and Directed Ricardo Neves-Neves

Cast Américo Silva, Andreia Bento, José Leite, Ricardo Neves-Neves and Vânia Rodrigues

Scenography and Costume Design Rita Lopes Alves
Light design Pedro Domingos
Sound Space Rui Rebelo

Photography Jorge Gonçalves
Video Eduardo Breda
Diretor Assistance José Leite

Co-Production Artistas Unidos and Teatro do Eléctrico

M14/60 MIN


Lisboa Teatro da Politécnica (2015)

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