A theater show like a rock concert, that unbalances the emblematic Jean Cocteau’s text, a monologue where a woman talks with her lover over the phone, whom we never hear. The next day he’ll be married to another woman. The phone call is disconnected a few times and the conversation is interrompeted in the most vertiginous moments. In what it seems like an apparent domestic banality, we witness the true  mise en abîme of this woman abandoned by her amorous partner.

An actress, a standing microphone and a guitar. A voice that speaks, screams, cries, moans, whispers and vanishes. The voice sings simultaneously the nonconformity and the resignation, the rebellion, the despair and fragility, in a smothered scream of someone who’s struggling not to drown.

Cast & Creative

Text Jean Cocteau
Directed Patrícia Andrade and David Pereira Bastos

Cast Patrícia Andrade

Music Fernando Matias and Patrícia Andrade
Sound engeneering and design Fernando Matias
Video Bruno Simão
Light design Janaina Gonçalves
Scene photographs Alípio Padilha
Diretor Assistance and voice coaching Rita Carolina Silva

Production/Communication TdE Mafalda Simões
Production assistant Adriana Gonçalves
Co-Production Cineteatro Louletano and Teatro do Eléctrico
Partnerships M.A.R. - Mostra de Artes de Rua, Teatro Meridional
Media Partner Antena 3

50 MIN | M/16


Leiria, Sinopse 22/Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, 30 JUN

Sines, M.A.R. - Mostra de Artes de Rua, Quintalão do Castelo de Sines, 22 and 23 SET

Lisboa, New dates coming soon

Featured in:

Oeiras, Bienal de Poesia (2021)
Évora, ÉvoraTEATROFest / A Bruxa Teatro (2021)
Funchal, Balcão Cristal (2021)
Loulé, Sede do RFIJ (2021)

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