In a forest of terror, surrounded by an orchestra in the mountain, live three little girls, aged 8, 12 and 16 years old. The first one, macrocephalic and scientifically curious. The second one, obsessed with morals, the daughter of an ancient Mesopotamian king. The third one so big, she sentenced her mother to death with her birth.

These are three girls, played by six voices.

The three pairs of actresses, similar both in timbre and physique, populate the stage inside a universe deeply connected to horror cinema and the darkest children’s tales.

Between nonsense, delirium and extravagant innocence, through a strong connection to a musical, rhythmic and polyphonic essence, we walk their walk in the forest, from the frog’s dissection to the secret initiation in the art of smoking.

The Text is published in the Livrinhos de Teatro nr. 135 collection (Artistas Unidos/Cotovia).

Cast & Creative

Text and Directed Ricardo Neves-Neves
Composition and Orchestration Filipe Raposo

Cast Ana Valentim, Joana Campelo, Márcia Cardoso, Rita Cruz, Sílvia Figueiredo and Tânia Alves

With Orquestra Académica Metropolitana/ Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa
Maestro Cesário Costa

Vocal Direction João Henriques
Sound engeneering and design Sérgio Delgado
Light design Pedro Domingos

Scenography Henrique Ralheta
Scenography Assistant Sebastião Soares and António Muralha
Costume Design Rafaela Mapril
Costume Assistant Madalena Sabino
Confection Ana Sabino Atelier and Mónica Félix

Makeup Art Cidália Espadinha
Makeup Assistances Beatriz Pessoa, Bruno Saavedra, Dennis Correia, Márcia Filipe and Mariana Capinha
Choreography and Movement Sónia Baptista
Photography Alípio Padilha

Diretor Assistance Rafael Gomes
Second Diretor Assistants Cristiana Simões, Diana Matias, Diana Vaz and Solange Brás
Scene Support Afonso Molinar, André Magalhães, Camille Bourdeau, Camila Valente, Carolina Coelho, Catarina Silva, Margarida Salema, Natan Souza, Rita Carolina Silva

Production/Communication Mafalda Simões
Communication/Production Assistant Ana Jacques and Janaina Gonçalves

Co-Production São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Cine-Teatro Louletano and Teatro do Eléctrico

M14/60 MIN


Featured in:

Porto, Teatro Municipal do Porto (2019)
Loulé, Cine-Teatro Louletano (2019)
Lisboa, São Luiz Teatro Municipal (2019)
Lisboa, São Luiz Teatro Municipal (2018)

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