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To read and write can be tricky. Specially when you’re a child, and the same words can have various meanings, or be read in many different ways. Specially when our mind has the nasty habit of playing tricks on us and changing the syllables from their rightful place, or moving the letters from one side to the other like a carroussel. There, in our minds, the words become a chinese puzzle! Salmon is not Solomon! Solomon are the islands. Salmon is a Fish. Or a Colour… And languages can have colours too. It’s true! Tey can be transparent or opaque. It depends on the sounds that each letter can have. Well… It’s strange, isn’t it? There you have it, words complicating everyhting…

At least numbers are all the same and get in no one’s business. For Bubble-Fish reality was all like in the old movies. Wordless and with music only. Music is, after all, Maths… Or then it was just like those films where everybody’s always singing. When you sing, words become fluffier inside your mouth.They slide like a Melon flavoured icecream. That rhymes with Solomon. Which are some incredible islands in the middle of the Pacific, where the sea is transparent, children have big golden locks and probably no one cares about ortographic misspells!

Catamarã tells us the story of the relationship between a boy – PEIXE- BOLHA (Bubble-Fish), who’s very angry with words, and a girl – CATAMARÃ (Catamaran), who dreams that one day she’ll sail to the Pacific.

It also talks about ortographic mistakes, meaning and meaningful, letters and words out of place, and about how this disarray can change the meaning of everything… But this isn’t a play about dyslexia, or schooling, it’s mostly a story about growing up, about our relationship with time and others, about distance which can’t be measured with numbers, and about words… even those really hard to explain…

Ana Lázaro

Cast & Creative

Text Ana Lázaro
Directed Ricardo Neves-Neves

Cast Susana Madeira and Vítor Oliveira

Scenography Ângela Rocha
Scenography Assistant Tiago Santos
Costume Design Rafaela Mapril
Sound engeneering and design Sérgio Delgado
Light design Pedro Domingos
Animation video TEMPER Creative Agency
Light Operation Luís Ribeiro
Video Operation Adriana Gonçalves e Diana Vaz

Diretor Assistance Raquel Mendes
Second Diretor assistants Cristiana Simões, Diana Matias, Solange Brás

Voice off Rafael Gomes, Raquel Mendes, Rita Cruz, Susana Madeira e Vítor Oliveira
Photography Alípio Padilha
Promotional video Eduardo Breda
Illustration Inês Minor

Production/Communication Mafalda Simões

Co-Production Culturgest, Cine-Teatro Louletano and Teatro do Eléctrico

M6/60 MIN


Sesimbra, Cineteatro Municipal João Mota, 20 JAN

Ovar, Centro de Arte de Ovar, 14 e 15 FEV

Featured in:

Águeda, Centro de Artes de Águeda (2021)
Leiria, Teatro José Lúcio da Silva (2021)
Loulé Cine-Teatro Louletano (2019)
Funchal Balcão de Cristal (2019)
Ponte de Sôr Cineteatro de Ponte de Sôr (2019)
Lisboa Culturgest (2018)
Amadora Recreios da Amadora (2018)

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