In Encontrar o Sol (1983) we stand before four pairs of men and women, three couples and a mother and sun.

They meet eachother in a popular beach that gradually, through some circumstancial chit chat, unveil their relationships’ fragilities, without loosing it’s frivolous tone. Henden, a 70 year-old man, married to Gertrude, 60, it’s Daniel’s father, now married to Cordelia, but entangled with Benjamin in the past, who’s now Abigail’s recent husband. Young Fergus and his mother follow with curiosity the ambiguity of these connections. With a cruel humour, Albee gifts his characters with irony and absolute self pitty, isolating them, with no exception, in an internal battle against Man’s greatest concerns: disaffection, old age, exclusion and loss.

Written in 1983, as a request from the University of Colorado, where it first was directed by the author,  Finding the Sun is a one-act play, where you see illustrated Edward Albee’s liking for the critical portrait of Man’s modern condition and his solitude’s unavoidability.

Cast & Creative

Translation João Paulo Esteves da Silva 
Directed Ricardo Neves-Neves

Cast Cucha Carvalheiro, Custódia Gallego, Luís Gaspar, Marques D’Arede, Romeu Costa, Rita Cruz, Tadeu Fautino and Tânia Alves

Scenography Tiago Pinhal Costa
Costume Design José António Tenente
Light design Elduplo

Theme versions Break It to Me Gently and You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
Sound engeneering and design Sérgio Delgado
Musicians Marco Carvalho (Guitar),
João Paulo Esteves da Silva (Piano), Rita Nunes (Saxophone), Ivo Rodrigues (Trumpet), Raquel Cravino (Violin)

Voice Coaching João Henriques
Participation of Coro CoLeGaS – Coro Lésbico, Gay e simpatizante da ILGA Portugal.

Photographs Alípio Padilha e Estelle Valente

Communication and Press Office Mafalda Simões

Co-Production São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Theatro Circo de Braga e Teatro do Eléctrico

M14/1H15 MIN


Braga Theatro Circo de Braga  (2017)
Lisboa São Luiz Teatro Municipal (2017)

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