These puppets, although keeping it’s tradition on the portuguese Teatro de Robertos (Roberto’s Theater, a portuguese type of puppet show), get into a different dimension, telling traditional tales like “In the Dentist” or “The Bullfight”, in a gigantic format…

This is a co-creation between Teatroesfera and Teatro do Eléctrico that vows to defy the mind, mess with your senses and tickle on tradition.

Cast & Creative

Text Ricardo Neves-Neves
Directed Paula Sousa

Cast Ana Valentim, Rafael Barreto, Ricardo Neves-Neves, Rita Cruz, Sílvia Figueiredo and Vítor Oliveira

Sound engeneering and design Sérgio Delgado
Movement Bernadete Sant’Anna
Light design Luís Lopes
Scenography Ricardo Trindade and Filipe Pureza
Props Cypress Cook e Bruno Duarte
Graphic Design Ricardo Tércio

Production Director Bernadete Sant’Anna (Teatroesfera) and Ricardo Neves-Neves (Teatro do Eléctrico)
Co-Production Teatroesfera and Teatro do Eléctrico

M6/50 MIN


Queluz Espaço Teatroesfera (2011/2012)

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