Mãe com Açúcar is the portrait of the relationship between grandparents and grandsons, of the friendship that emerges from the generational distance, of wisdom and innocence, unconditional love and the traditions and stories passed on through speech. The text was been built from the gathering of experiences and events told by and from grandparents of the Centro de Dia – Obra Social Madre Maria Clara, and also from reports of other grandparents. A theater workshop was created for senior students, where technics and theatrical activities took place with the Centro de Dia Social Madre Maria Clara’s resident attendents.

Cast & Creative

Text and Directed Rita Cruz

Cast Tânia Alves

Costume Design and Props Criação Colectiva
Makeup Art Cidália Espadinha and Susana Mathias

Light design Elduplo
Alípio Padilha
Video Frescos e Produções
Designer Pedro Frois Meneses

Diretor Assistance José Leite

Communication and Press Office Mafalda Simões
Production Assistant Rafael Gomes
Co-Production Teatro do Eléctrico and Cine-Teatro Louletano

M12/60 MIN


Lisboa Teatro Taborda (2016)
Lisboa Teatro da Luz (2016)
Loulé Cine-Teatro Louletano (2016)
Oeiras Auditório Municipal Lourdes Norberto (2015)
Algés Obra Social Madre Maria Clara (2015)

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