Menos Emergências is a trilogy of plays or 3 episodes of a chronicle about human misery, through the speech of what looks like a somewhat flacid suburban european bourgeoisie. It’s a political work and morally incorrect, where the weak minded characters reflect a certain mediocrity amongst the human relationships and the way they deal with violence and cruelty.

It’s a cold play, sophisticated, yet barbaric, hesitant and an excelent portrait of educated, polite and elegant hypocracy, present in human relationships. Menos Emergências could be a lie. The actors’ narrative might not be the discription of a passed action, but the creation of a story where the characters have the cruel pleasure of creation. It’s about a missunderstanding, a distortion of facts and an appeal to consequence and to the superficial as to explain all existance. In a undefined time and in an arid path, the characters who meet in this episode represent a questioning of the ethic’s planning of the civilizational order as they know it. It’s a thoughtful look, yet naïve, gullible and simple over the social and intelectual settings, the swings of the well being and the power, in an unknown reality, but wich vertexes touch our own.

Estetically speaking, in the acting and dramaturgical speech there’s the deconstruction of the “reasonable”, the search for a grotesc and absurd imaginary, an invitation to the introduction of the effect and ridicule.

Cast & Creative

Text Martin Crimp
Translation Paulo Eduardo Carvalho
Directed Ricardo Neves-Neves

Cast Ana Lopes Gomes, Bernardo de Almeida, Bruno Huca/Isac Graça, Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro, Custódia Gallego, Filomena Cautela, José Leite, Márcia Cardoso, Marco Mendonça, Rafael Gomes, Rita Cruz, Sílvia Figueiredo, Tânia Alves, Teresa Coutinho and Vítor Oliveira

Musical Direction Rita Nunes

Orchestra Ana Teófilo (Saxophone), André Pontífice (Violoncello), Bruno Mimoso (Drums), Eduardo Jordão (Contrabass), Emília Santos (Trumpet), Fernando Soares (Saxophone), Gil Henriques (Violin), Gonçalo Marques (Trumpet), Ivo Rodrigues (Trumpet), Jaime Jacob (Violin), José Massarrão (Saxophone), Maria Nabeiro (Violoncello), Mário Amândio (Trombone), Raquel Cravino (Violin), Rita Nunes (Saxophone), Simon Wadworth (Piano), Teresa Coelho (Violin), Vânia Moreira (Violoncello) and Vanessa Gonçalves (Piano)

Choral Ana Amaral, Ana Libório, Ana Lopes, Ana Lopes Gomes, Ana Lúcia Magalhães, Ana Paula Almeida, Ana Valente, Ana Valentim, Ana Ribeiro, Anabela Ribeiro, André Albuquerque, Andrea Pereira, Andreia Brito Silva, Anna Leppãnen, Barbara Bruno, Beatriz Baptista, Bernardo Almeida, Bernardo de Almeida, Bernardo Lobo Faria, Bruno Vicente, Carolina Dominguez, Catarina Campos Costa, Catarina Moita, Catarina Rabaça, Célia Jorge, Diana Costa e Silva, Diogo Bach, Diogo Tomás, Duarte Pinho e Melo, Fabíola Lebre, Fernanda Paulo, Filipa Duarte, Francisco Sousa, Gabriella Nemésio , Gonçalo Egito, Henrique calado, Hugo Leitão, Inês Gonçalves, Inês Hudson, Inês Laranjeira, Inês Realista, Isac Graça, Joana Almeida, Joana Barros, Joana Carvalho, Joana de Brito Silva, João Ascenso, João Craveiro, João Manuel de Barros, João Pedro Leal, João Serra Rodrigues, José Leite, José Lobo, José Sotero, Judite Dias, Katrin Kaasa, Lea Managil, Madalena Flores, Marco Mendonça, Margarida Correia, Maria Manuel Pinheiro, Mariana Ferreira, Mariana Fonseca, Mariana Norton, Mariana Pacheco, Mário Abel, Marta Inocentes, Marta Taveira, Martim Guerreiro, Mia Tomé, Miguel Raposo, Nega Jaci, Nídia Roque Nuno Fonseca, Pedro Luzindro, Pedro Marujo, Rafael Barreto, Rita Brütt, Rita Carolina Silva, Rita Rocha, Rita Silva, Romeu Vala, Ruben Saints, Ruben Santos, Roxana Lugojan, Samanta Franco, Sara Gonçalves, Sara Inês Gigante, Silvana Peres, Sílvio Vieira, Soraia Tavares, Stephanie Silva, Tadeu Faustino, Teresa Macedo, Tiago Mendonça, Thomaz Varela and Coro de Jazz do Conservatório de Música do Porto "Jazzsquad"

Voice Coaching Sara Belo e Rita Nunes

Light design Elduplo

Technical Operation Filipe Pureza
Assistant de production Ana Lopes Gomes

Photography Alípio Padilha e Raquel Albino 

Designer Pedro Frois Meneses

Vídeo Fresco Produções e Eduardo Breda

Communication and Press Office Mafalda Simões

M16/60 MIN


Porto Rivoli, Teatro Municipal do Porto (2016)          
Loulé Cine-Teatro Louletano (2015)
Lisboa Teatro da Trindade (2015)
Lisboa Teatro Meridional (2014)

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